Volunteer to Help Legal Aid Corporations

Legal aid services need your help. This year, the Corporate Counsel section of the State Bar of Texas provided a grant to help fund a project to create a volunteer lawyer referral service to come to the aid of legal aid and provide pro bono opportunities for our members. This service matches corporate counsel volunteers with legal aid services in need of advice and counsel regarding business law matters.

Legal aid lawyers focus their areas of expertise in matters commonly known as “poverty law.” As poverty law practitioners, they often lack the business expertise necessary to protect their interests as companies employing workers, owning intellectual property, and generally maintaining and growing their going concerns. As corporate lawyers, you can help. Through helping legal aid, you help not just the legal aid companies but help to ensure their viability to in turn help impoverished Texans for years to come.

How It Works

When a legal aid corporation requires help with a business law matter, staff at Texas Legal Services Center (TLSC) will create a summary of the issue and forward it to a volunteer attorney who may have the expertise to help. The attorney can choose to accept or decline helping with any particular matter. Once a match is made, TLSC will notify the legal aid company and provide it with the contact information.

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