GIS Researcher, MLP
(Temporary Contracted Position)

TLSC Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLP) are integrative services delivery collaborations that produce better health outcomes by embedding attorneys and paralegals within healthcare teams to detect, address, and prevent health-harming legal needs of families and communities. For example, such partnerships can force landlords to remediate poor housing conditions that aggravate a patient’s asthma, increase access to care by helping patients establish eligibility for Medicaid, improve educational services for children with special needs, or help patients escape violent domestic situations. The MLP partners are established nonprofit, clinical organizations dedicated to providing high-quality assistance to underserved Texans, as well as other organizations across the region. A national leader in practice in community health centers, TLSC MLPs are part of a movement that includes over four hundred healthcare facilities nationwide.




Under this Request for Proposal, the MLP is inviting entity applicants for a GIS Analyst position. This is a temporary contracted position that will be responsible for helping TLSC to de-identify data for use in a GIS mapping project. The MLP desires to analyze the health- harming legal needs of Texans while helping promote the mission of the MLP, which allows clients to receive holistic, one-stop-shop services that meet their medical and legal needs in a coordinated approach. We are seeking an applicant that is not only technically skilled, but also experienced in the challenges of innovative collaborative efforts, participates as a team player, and is able to adapt as circumstances change, within the defined scope of the project


Under the supervision of and in coordination with Deputy Director and Business Analyst, the successful applicant will:

  • Assist as needed in software installation and setup.

  • Provide GIS technical support as needed to TLSC staff.

  • Geocode addresses using automated geocoding through ESRI Streetmap with the goal of achieving a 95% successful geocoding completion rate.

  • Manually geocode addresses which have more than one candidate with the same best match score, but at different locations (tied).

  • Project the address points using the appropriate coordinate system for the state of Texas.

  • Provide a flexible algorithm (point shift tool) to randomly relocate true geocoded points by point-shifting both the true latitude and true longitude, each with a minimum and maximum distance shift in a random direction. Confer with TLSC regarding the desired minimum and maximum values to be stipulated in the tool.

  • Run the point-shift tool to randomly shift address points.

  • Once the address data has been de-identified, provide technical assistance to TLSC as needed for integration with TLSC data attribute file(s).


Eligibility and Requirements

  • Background in health research.

  • Prior experience in designing, developing, and coordinating research projects.

  • Proficiency with (or the ability to quickly learn) LegalServer or a similar case management system, ArcGIS StreetMap, Adobe, Microsoft Office products, and other software applications as appropriate.

  • Familiarity with (or demonstrated ability to quickly learn) health, medical, and legal terminology.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.

  • Outstanding interpersonal and collaboration skills.

Details and Instructions

Project begins March 1, 2022 | Hours are TBD

Proposals will be accepted via email to and will be processed on a rolling basis. Selection criteria are based on meeting the position requirements stated in this RFP.