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Each year, our work positively affects tens of thousands of Texans who are fighting to obtain or keep the essentials of life—including home, job, benefits, and family. We provide high-quality legal representation, advice, advocacy, and education at no cost to underserved communities across the state.


Our health plan for full-time employees includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and short/long term disability coverage. We pay 100% of employee costs and 50% of family coverage, with the option to purchase additional life insurance. 

Our flexible coverage options allow employees to choose between two medical plans; a Co-Pay Plan or and a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) Plan. For all HDHP Plan members, the organization contributes $2,000+ annually to a Health Savings Account (HSA) while also providing the option for employee contributions to the account. Eligible members have the option to contribute to medical, dependent daycare, and limited purpose Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Plans as well. Because health extends outside the doctor's office, we provide our full-time employees with an unlimited membership to a nearby gym.

Additionally, we recognize 14 paid holidays a year, offer generous PTO, provide new parent leave, and help our employees save for retirement. We offer a 403(b) plan for employee contributions — and upon the employee meeting eligibility requirements — we contribute to a Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Arrangement (SEP IRA) on the employee's behalf. Plus, TLSC provides most employees the opportunity to telecommute.

To learn more about what it's like to work with us, read interviews of TLSC staff members in our In the Fight for Justice series.

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Within the LiveChat feature, you'll help visitors navigate the site and find relevant information for their legal issue. You will be using your legal knowledge to triage their legal situation then direct them to appropriate site resources like forms, clinics, legal aid organizations, and legal toolkits. 


You'll learn how to interact with clients experiencing urgent legal needs directly and quickly collect facts, spot issues, and provide the appropriate legal information/resources. You'll gain exposure to the practical realities of the day-to-day practice of law along with a wide-range of civil practice areas, like family, consumer, housing, and estate law. 

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