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Staff Attorney, Crime Victims

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About the job

Texas Legal Services Center’s (TLSC) Crime Victims Program provides direct legal services to victims of violent crime, which includes providing legal advice and referrals by phone, representing victims in court, and advocating on behalf of victims who are navigating the criminal justice system. Depending on the needs of the program, this position will provide trauma-informed services to victims through giving legal advice and referrals by phone, representing clients in litigation, advocating for the rights of victims in criminal cases and parole proceedings, or offering other appropriate legal services. TLSC also operates a legal hotline for survivors who have legal needs stemming from sexual assault or abuse, serving the Legal Aid for Survivors of Sexual Assault (LASSA) network by providing statewide intake and referrals to other LASSA partners.


• Provide legal advice, assistance, referrals and representation, where applicable, to eligible clients in a compassionate, culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed, and victim-centered manner. This includes representing clients in court hearings and administrative proceedings.

• Conduct intake interviews, confirm eligibility for services, check for conflicts of interest, and take appropriate action to address the client’s legal problem.

• Perform research and analysis, conduct factual investigations, communicate with third parties, make agency referrals, and draft and file legal documents.

• Cultivate working relationships, both internally and with network partners and other social services agencies in the community and statewide, to advance program and organizational goals.

• Lead or assist with promoting education efforts statewide and in local programs, including developing, presenting, or participating in various trainings aimed at law enforcement, attorneys, judges, and other social service providers.

• *Travel, at times frequently, to locations outside of Austin to address client issues, further education efforts, or meet on partner agency matters.*


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