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About the job

POLL is a statewide legal service provided through that offers free legal information, education, and advice to members of the community who have questions regarding their parental rights and their possession and access to their children. POLL attorneys draft, revise, and update the legal content on the website as well as give legal advice through a real-time internet-based chat service. This position is responsible for drafting, revising, and updating legal content, providing direct services, and working closely with the managing attorney to meet the POLL program needs and requirements.

This attorney in this position is expected to:

Maintain the highest ethical and professional standards as a member of the State Bar;
Adhere to the American Bar Association Standards for the Provision of Civil Legal Aid;
Embrace and support Texas Legal Service Center’s (TLSC) overall mission; and
Comply with all grant requirements, regulations, standards, policies, and confidentiality requirements.
This is a grant funded position


• Provide legal information, education, and advice to website visitors in a compassionate, culturally-sensitive and trauma-informed manner.

• Identify the need for information to assist and visitors and ensure materials on the website are accurate, updated, and free of spelling and grammar errors while being accessible and able to be easily understood by the general public.

• Draft and revise materials and other publications for and that educate non-custodial parents on their rights and duties.

• Evaluate chats in real-time, confirm eligibility for appropriate services, and check for conflicts of interest according to TLSC policy.

• Perform research and analysis, provide legal information, make referrals, and give legal advice to eligible POLL LiveChat users.


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