Law Clerk, Family Helpline


The Family Helpline is staffed by experienced child welfare attorneys; we provide free legal information and education about CPS and child safety to anyone in Texas. Our goal is to empower families to make the best decisions to promote stability and child safety.


You will assist with research and drafting a guide for non-parent caregivers so that they can better understand the legal process and how to access financial, government, and community benefits for the child in their care. 


You’ll be working closely with attorneys who specialize in child welfare law in Texas. By participating in staff meetings and observing Family Helpline calls, you will gain a better understanding of the child welfare landscape in Texas and see where gaps in services to parents and non-parent caregivers exist.  You will learn about the overlap between child welfare law, family law, and criminal law as well as issues related to substance use, domestic violence, and mental health. You'll conduct legal research on CPS policy, the Texas Family Code and Texas Administrative Code, as well as federal law and regulation, you will also gain knowledge in: 

Kinship Caregiver Assistance 

Adoption Assistance

Permanency Care Assistance

Eligibility for Government Benefits 

Authorization Agreements for Non-Parent Caregivers

Suits Affecting Parent Child Relationships


General Civil Procedure




Currently enrolled as a 2L or 3L in an accredited law school. Must have some experience in family law or the child welfare system and a desire to learn more about these issues. Preference given to students who have completed or are currently enrolled in a law school clinic related to family law or child welfare law.

This is an unpaid internship. Reporting and oversight available for course credit. 

To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to