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Fight for Justice: Meet Claudia

Claudia talks about the client experience, what drew her to nonprofit work, and what motivates her.

Claudia is a Paralegal who has been with TLSC for six years. Her current focus is assisting clients with Expunctions, Nondisclosures, and Occupational Driver Licenses, but as a member of the TLSC Support Team, Claudia works with all TLSC programs. Claudia also translates client-facing materials into Spanish.

On working with clients

I listen to the clients, assess their needs, provide them with all available resources and guide them through the processes of Expunctions, Non-Disclosures, and Occupational Driver Licenses. When I speak with clients, I gather information to determine whether they are income-eligible for our record clearing services. After completing our callback process, I explain what documents we need, and after receiving the documents from clients, I send the information to the attorney who makes a final determination whether the clients are, in fact, eligible. If they are, I draft the necessary legal documents and send them to the clients.

On translating legal information

I prepare the translations from English to Spanish for all the TLSC programs. Reading the content of the documents helps me to understand the help that we provide and how we assist our clients.

On when clients should reach out to TLSC

Everybody should contact us when they have a pressing legal issue. We may not be able to help in all situations, but, if not, we can refer them to other resources and organizations.

On what drew her to nonprofit work

Nonprofits serve as a great equalizer where people can go to amplify their voices. In addition, nonprofits serve as a place for people to come together to work and provide much-needed services to those who have no voice — such as children, the poor, the elderly, and persons with disabilities who are not being heard.

Working in a non-profit organization allows me to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

On what motivates her

The opportunity to learn new things each day, discover new places, and bond with new people motivates me. I also enjoy continually developing my skills to make clients feel acknowledged and supported.

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