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School District Begins New Comprehensive Training Based on Agreement with TLSC Client

AISD comes to an agreement with sexual assault survivor and TLSC client, that results in mandatory training for all staff, reports CBS Austin.

AISD's first round of staff training begins June 10, 2021 with all principals and senior leadership. The training will eventually roll out to all Austin ISD staff members. The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault will be providing full-day training free of charge.

“This really is a big step forward in terms of protecting both current and future students in the district.”

Because of Julia’s agreement, AISD will be making many significant advancements, including:

  • all employees hired in the future will receive the sexual assault training;

  • the district will improve its policies on sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination;

  • all staff will receive an updated training on the First Amendment in schools; and

  • AISD will improve the way it provides information to students and parents about sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination.

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