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Online legal advice and counsel for low-income Texans

Texas Free Legal Answers is a collaborative initiative between Texas Legal Services Center and the State Bar of Texas to empower pro se litigants so that they can achieve the best possible outcome in their case. We're seeking fellow humanitarian-minded attorneys to join this initiative to expand justice.  

How It Works

Prospective clients are asked a series of questions to determine eligibility. The main eligibility factor is current income and financial assets, but there are other requirements. Those eligible are then asked to set up and account and granted access to the Free Texas Legal Answers portal. From here, they submit their legal question. 

Attorneys then select a question to answer and work with the client through the portal. Attorneys provide limited-scope representation — most commonly explanations on how to represent themselves, preparing forms and other court documents, and guidance through complicated portions of their case. 


You can learn about the full client eligibility requirements, client experience, attorney/client relationships, conflicts, and more here

About the Project

Texas Legal Services Center manages the Texas Free Legal Answers project in conjunction with the State Bar of Texas. Texas Free Legal Answers is part of the national ABA Free Legal Answers™ — a project of the American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service. 


If you choose to take Pro Bono cases through Texas Free Legal Answers, Texas Legal Services Center will coordinate your training, mentorship, and portal support. Those interested should complete and submit the contact form below. 

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