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Required Notice for Electronic Disclosure of Protected Health Information 


Texas Legal Services Center and its programs assemble, collect, analyze, use, evaluate, store, and transmit protected health information. The Texas Medical Records Privacy Act requires us to post this notice to advise clients that protected health information is subject to electronic disclosure. 

Absent certain circumstances, Texas and federal law both prohibit any electronic disclosure of a client's protected health information to any person without a separate authorization for each disclosure from the client, or the client's authorized representative. This authorization for disclosure may be made in written or electronic form or in oral form, if the oral consent is documented in writing by our law firm. 

Those certain circumstances are: disclosure to another covered entity that must follow the same rules of the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act, disclosure for treatment, payment, health care operations, or for insurance functions to someone required to hold a license, registration, certificate of authority, or other authorization under the Texas Insurance Code, or disclosure as otherwise required or authorized by state or federal law. 

Those exceptions mean that no further release is necessary for electronic disclosure to health care plans, health care clearinghouses, health care providers, insurance companies, governmental agencies, or opposing parties. 

For questions or comments, contact Texas Legal Services Center's Privacy Official: 

Cecile Caron, Associate Director

(o) 512.477.6000 | (f) 512.477.66576

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