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What We Do

Advocate for Financial Security

We help clients achieve financial security through pension recovery, occupational driver’s license applications, and criminal record expunctions.


Guide Parents Through Their Legal Rights

We help parents understand their rights surrounding complicated issues such as co-parenting and child protective services.


Educate Modern Families

We teach grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings who are raising their relatives’ children how to navigate healthcare, human services, and school systems.

Empower Self-Represented Litigants

For those who must represent themselves in the justice system, we offer advice, court-approved legal forms, and instruction on how to achieve the best outcome.

Engage with the Greater Public Service Community

We work with interrelated organizations to teach the intersections between civil law, public benefits, healthcare, law enforcement, and more.


Intervene on Social Determinants of Health

Through medical-legal partnerships, we address health-harming legal needs to increase life quality and expectancy.


Stand with Veterans and Their Families

We provide specialized legal assistance to veterans that honors their service, promotes well-being, and responds to their unique needs. 

Plan for End-of-Life and Loss-of-Health

We protect and solidify the wishes of those planning for the final stages of their life or a major health concern.

Reform Law and Policy

We work to effect systemic change through impact litigation, community relationships, and public policy reforms that benefit all low-income Texans.


Challenge Discrimination Against People With Disabilities

We ensure persons with disabilities can live, work, and go to school without accessibility concerns.


Uplift Texans in Rural Areas

Using remote tools like legal lines, online chat, and video conferencing, we remove geographic barriers to legal assistance and serve clients in the most remote areas of our state.

Advocate for Survivors of Violence

We provide critical legal services and safety planning to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

Secure Public Benefits for Those Who Qualify

We help families and individuals access public benefits including SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, SSDI, and TANF.

I was in my last semester in college when I reached out to TLSC. Getting my background expunged was something I always wanted to do, I just didn’t have the money to hire a lawyer and pay for the cost to get it removed. One night I was up just thinking about my future and career, and I didn’t want my record to hinder me from getting the job that I dreamed of.  


I called TLSC the next morning and spoke with an attorney. 


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