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Discrimination and Social Justice

Challenging inequities faced by people with disabilities, people of color, immigrants, women, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Accessing Government


Helping you get the SNAP, Medicare, SSI, TANF, and other public benefits you need.


Family, Parenting, and Child Welfare

Supporting families and individuals through domestic legal matters, such as custody, visitation rights, child support, child safety, and name changes.

Property and Financial


Ensuring your home is a safe place to live, and helping you navigate bankruptcy, debt collection, and other financial issues.


Senior Care, Retirement and Estate Planning

Offering support, education, and guidance for legal matters that affect us later in life.

Employment and Work-Related Concerns

Expunging criminal records, helping acquire occupational driver’s licenses, and removing other legal barriers that hold you back from landing a job.


Accessing Military and VA Benefits

Helping veterans and their families get their fair share of government-promised benefits.

Overcoming Violence, Abuse, Stalking

Helping individuals who’ve experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other violent crimes stay safe, receive financial compensation, and work through numerous legal considerations.

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TLSC's Rural Legal Aid Clinics

Hosting monthly legal aid clinics in select rural communities across the state. 

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