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Virtual Court Kiosks
for Partners


Virtual court kiosks are part of TLSC's statewide Virtual Court Access Project. The project aims to improve low-income Texans' ability to effectively engage in virtual court proceedings.

Interested in hosting a virtual court kiosk at your organization?
Virtual court kiosks are computer stations that help community members connect with courts and find legal help.

Virtual court kiosks are being deployed in the heart of Texas communities, such as community centers, shelters, clinics, and libraries. The kiosks provide computers and an interface for community members to apply for legal aid services, conduct legal research, print documents, and attend virtual court hearings or meetings in privacy. Virtual court kiosks are available to everyone.


Host sites are only responsible for providing:

  • printer paper

  • space for the kiosk

  • staff to direct people to the kiosk

  • 24/7 power and internet for the kiosk

We provide hosts:

  • a computer

  • a desk and a chair

  • headphones

  • a printer and/or scanner

  • total technical support

  • an optional online reservation system

See where kiosks are currently installed

Have more questions about hosting?


Legal access kiosks are free to host sites and are paid for by the project.

Request a Virtual Court Kiosk at Your Organization

Not in Texas?
If you would like to request a kiosk in your state, reach out to our partner A2J tech.


Find detailed information on operating and troubleshooting a legal access kiosk.

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