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Client Story: A Letter from a Senior Property Owner

TLSC helps a low-income senior obtain a Transfer on Death Deed to secure her family's future.

Dear Karen Miller, Executive Director:

What is more inspiring than discovering someone so great who touches your life and your heart?

Paul Zambie [TLSC attorney] stole our hearts with a magical touch immediately we loved and trusted him. He explained a Texas State Law which would allow us as property owners to record a Transfer on Death Deed, and how through Texas Legal Services Center, he as an attorney, could assist us with preparing the deed, free of charge for the transfer.

Again, his kindness was appreciated. My precious spouse of 62 beautiful years passed away and Paul advised me and assisted me in transferring the deed to myself and children.

Life’s richest treasures are the little gifts; in each call from Paul, I felt a cheerful smile, a friendly word, all totally precious.

I am so thankful for Paul Zambie. He not only rekindled my inner spirit with each visit, but he also helped many other seniors in the same way.



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