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Client Story: A Veteran Finds Unexpected Relief

I had been trying to get divorced for the past 18 years. Everybody [other agencies and  attorneys] gave various reasons why it would be challenging/complicated simply because I had gotten married in another state. However, Attorney Allen stepped in and guided me through the process, and I was able to file the paperwork and ultimately get divorced with less stress than I ever anticipated.


As a veteran living with PTSD, unknown interactions with others creates high anxiety for meand I tend to avoid direct interfacing with new people in new spaces. That is part of the reason it took so long for me to file for a divorce. I was initially extremely anxious about what would be expected of me, but Mr. Allen’s professionalism and kindness drastically reduced my anxiety. He explained each part of the process, step by step. He stayed in contact, especially when I had questions. He was always on time with each scheduled session, and when he said he would do something, he was always prompt.

He prepared me for court, which gave me the confidence to push through my anxiety of the “unknown” because he had explained what I could expect to happen during each part of the process. I was comfortable and confident walking into the courtroom because I was well prepared. When I got to court, I noticed there were several people who did not bring the required documents. However, thanks to Attorney Allen, I was one of the few who had everything the judge needed to make a final decision on my case on that day.

I was initially extremely anxious about what would be expected of me, but Mr. Allen’s professionalism and kindness drastically reduced my anxiety.  

The cost of paying for a divorce was much more than I could afford, which was the main reason it took me 18 years to get around to it. Off the cuff, I happened to mention my financial situation while speaking with Attorney Allen. However, I moved on in conversation about something totally different and off the topic of money. But Attorney Allen made a note and stated he would research and locate the financial forms for Texas, and the state my marriage took place in. Due to Attorney Allen’s wisdom and professionalism, I was able to apply for a financial waiver for expenses related to my divorce case in both states. I appreciate him for taking the initiative to go above and beyond to provide information about programs I was unaware of. He helped relieve the financial burden associated with the type of divorce I was seeking. I don't think I would have been able to move forward with the divorce process had he not taken time out to provide me with the resources.

Thank y'all for being committed to providing exceptional service!! The financial burden tied to divorce created a great deal of anxiety. However, TLSC impacted me in the best way possible!! I was less stressed due to their guidance and outstanding commitment to excellence!! The way that my expectations were exceeded, based on past experiences with other agencies and attorneys, by far stands out head and shoulders above anything I experience over the past 18 years. I will certainly refer my fellow vets to TLSC!!

Rhonda, Jarrell, TX, Veterans Legal Assistance Project Client


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