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Justice for Sexual Assault Survivors

Legal Aid for Survivors of Sexual Assault (LASSA) supports survivors by guiding them in seeking justice and understanding their rights.

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LASSA is a network of nine legal aid providers in Texas working together to serve survivors of sexual assault – and TLSC is part of its network. The LASSA network guides victims of sexual assault through their legal options and offers a wide range of free legal services.

Empowering Survivors to Seek Justice

LASSA empowers survivors to know their legal rights within both the criminal and civil legal systems. Many survivors feel left out or let down by traditional public safety systems. This drives survivors to feel betrayed by both the person who harmed them and the systems meant to protect them.

Survivors do not need to report to the police to get legal help. Even without a police report, survivors can access civil legal remedies that offer the chance to seek justice on their own terms. LASSA attorneys provide legal information, advice, and assistance to empower survivors to make an informed choice in how to seek justice. Beyond this, survivors receive assistance with a safety plan, full representation, and counsel. LASSA attorneys can even provide support through criminal justice advocacy, such as going to criminal court with survivors or providing a letter asserting their rights as violent crime victims to agencies working on their case.


Serving Clients with Compassionate, Holistic Care

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TLSC LASSA attorneys screen the LASSA hotline. They offer callers counsel and advice, safety planning, and brief legal assistance. Additionally, callers may receive a referral to partners within the LASSA network for full representation. When partners can’t take a case, we take it.

Disclosure is a crucial step for survivors in working towards their healing journey. Many callers to LASSA are sharing their histories for the first time during the call. All callers are met with support without judgment. We honor survivors’ life circumstances and experiences, no matter their gender identity, age, race, or when their assault happened.




How to Reach LASSA

844-303-SAFE (7233), Option 1

Monday – Friday | 9:00am – 5:00pm


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