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Letter from Karen: We Need Your Support to Help Low-income Texans.

Someone asked me how things were going the other day.

That's not easy for any of us to answer right now, but we should be honest with ourselves. Understanding what we’re going through helps us acknowledge the hardships of others. And since taking care of others is at the heart of our mission at Texas Legal Services Center, it's worth talking about. So, how's it really going? Today, I feel like I'm running a marathon in the middle of The Hunger Games, where some game master is controlling the weather, and the terrain, setting fires and injecting new potentially lethal challenges every few hours to keep things interesting. And I'm a little bit exhausted, really. I've had family members, clients, and friends diagnosed and recovered from COVID. Some have not survived. So many people that are close to me are suffering from job losses, health problems, and financial troubles. It is A LOT. Sometimes it's easy to forget that everyone else around us is living in their own Hunger Games bubble, facing their own challenges. But the only way we're going to overcome this is by working together, sharing kindness, and offering grace to each other. Of course, we are all facing enormous obstacles right now — ones many of us never anticipated. But when we give and receive a little grace, we can see that these challenges always come with new opportunities. These opportunities create additional hurdles, but they bring hope, too. And when we find hope, we feel more connected to each other, making us all stronger, happier, and definitely healthier.

They need us — and they need you.

I'll be honest. It is difficult to reach out and ask for donations at a time when we are all going through so much. But I can tell you with absolute certainty that our clients need our community to rally around them now more than ever. The pandemic has devastated so many families who were already living on the edge of financial insecurity. They need us — and they need you.

If you're able, please consider making a gift today.

Wishing wellness to you and yours this holiday season,

Karen Speed Miller, Executive Director

Texas Legal Services Center


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