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Request for Proposals

Design, development, and ongoing technical support for a chat bot

Who We Are

A. Introduction

TLSC is accepting proposals for the design, development, deployment, and ongoing technical supportfor a Chat Bot that must be complete and online by August 31, 2023.

B. Organization Background

Founded in 1981, TLSC is a statewide non-profit organization that provides legal advice, advocacy, representation, and education to underserved people across Texas. With more than a dozen practice areas, our work touches almost every aspect of civil law that impacts low-income Texans.

TLSC’s mission is to ensure equal justice for all Texans by educating, empowering, and representing vulnerable people while reshaping the greater legal system that impacts us all.

C. Project Contact

Mr. Elliott F. Fontenette

Special Projects Managing Attorney

1920 E. Riverside Dr.

Suite A-120. #501

Austin, TX 78741 512-477-6000 Ext. 109


Project Overview

A. Problem Statement

We would like to provide users of Virtual Court Kiosks and with the option of utilizing the AI Chat Bot to answer user questions by referencing only TLSC-approved resources.

B. Scope of Work

Vendor would commit to developing a complete and functioning A.I. chat bot for use by Virtual Court Kiosk and TexasLawHelp users. Vendor would do any and all needed programming and technical work. TLSC would provide the resources the Chat Bot should reference when answering questions and any other input needed to develop the Chat Bot. TLSC would also assist in testing the Chat Bot before final deployment.

C. Chat Bot Specifications

  1. Product Overview

    1. This chatbot would function as an A.I. supported question and answer chat bot monitored by TLSC staff.

    2. TLSC will provide the resources for the chatbot to reference when providing answers.

  2. Product Reporting

    1. How many times the chatbot is used

    2. If possible, where (geographically based on IP address) each user was when using the Chat Bot.

  3. Product Requirements

    1. TLSC controls the resources the chatbot references when answering user questions.

    2. Ability to be its own standalone feature/widget.

    3. Ability to have it let users know and if possible provide a link to a webpage on contacting live chat attorneys/going to TexasFreeLegal Answers if they need more help.


    5. Ability to have a pre chatbot and post chatbot use survey.

    6. Ability to screen clients for income eligibility.

    7. Ability of staff to moderate chatbot sessions in real time.

    8. Ability to save and for staff to review transcripts of chatbot client sessions.

  4. Product Restrictions

    1. Chatbot should not reference any resource outside of the trusted resources provided by TLSC.

    2. No user information should be shared with any third party besides those necessary for the ChatBot to function.

  5. Required Completion Date

    1. August 31, 2023

  6. Development Timeline

    1. Please specify the development steps we would go through.

  7. Cost

    1. Base Level English Cost?

    2. Additional Cost for a Spanish Version?

    3. Additional Cost for a Vietnamese Version?


About This RFP

A. RFP Process

  1. E-Mail Response with requested to

  2. Final deadline for a full response to all sections is June 2, 2023. No vendors responding after this deadline will be considered.

  3. Vendors responses will be reviewed by TLSC staff. If selected as a finalist, a remote presentation and meeting will be required for each finalist before selection. The follow-up meeting will happen shortly after evaluation and selection as a finalist.

  4. Once selected, a Memorandum of Understanding will be negotiated and developed until sufficient for both parties.

B. Required Completion Date of Work in Question:

  1. All work must be completed by August 31, 2023.


Requested Information

A. Vendor Information

Please list and specify:

  1. Your full company name and any alternate company names.

  2. Your full company mailing address

  3. Your full company physical address

  4. Your full company website address.

  5. Your company phone number

  6. Any social media accounts for your company

  7. Is your company publicly or privately held?

B. Primary Contact

Please provide the following information for the designated Project Contact:

  1. Name

  2. Title

  3. Address

  4. City, State, Zip

  5. Phone Number

  6. Email Address

C. Background Information

Please provide the following information on your company:

  1. Number of years in business

  2. Number of employees

  3. Number of Project team members that would be working on this project.

  4. Client industries

  5. Product List (Last 2 years)

  6. Project List (Last 2 Years)

D. Experience and References

  1. Please provide your company’s:

    1. Number of Clients

    2. Number of Clients in the Legal Aid and/or Non-Profit sector

  2. What is your Training Process for clients, for finished Products, such as a Chat Bot?

    1. Please provide contact information for three current or former clients.

E. Proposal Information Requested

  1. Please provide a proposal with an estimate of the cost, time, and completion date for ChatBot development.

  2. Please provide the cost for complete development by your firm with direction and substantial input from TLSC.

F. Misc. Questions

  1. What Project Management tools do you use to guide the design, development, and deployment process?

  2. How do you handle disputes about Project Requirements and Scope with a client?


Terms and Conditions

Contract terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning bidder for this RFP. All contractual terms and conditions will be subject to review by TLSC attorneys and will include scope, budget, schedule and other necessary items pertaining to the project.


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