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Safety and Stability for Survivors

Victims of violent crime can access holistic legal services that consider the complexities of domestic violence, abuse, and stalking.

One of the largest challenges that crime victims face is knowing what their rights and options are under Texas law. TLSC aims to provide victims with the information that they need to feel empowered, informed, and supported during one of the most challenging times in their lives.

TLSC directly represents survivors in applying for protective orders from their abusers and stalkers. We provide advice and counsel for related family law matters such as child custody suits or divorce from an abuser. We can also assist in applying for or appealing Crime Victims Compensation through the Office of the Attorney General. We help victims navigate the criminal justice system and accompany them to law enforcement meetings, court, and conversations with prosecutors.

Client Assistance, Not Just Legal Assistance

Domestic violence sits adjacent to many other problems: education, mental and physical health, economics, gender and racial equality, and more. The crime victims program at TLSC aims to address these intersections and assist with novel legal issues like debt coercion and eviction by an abuser.

Clients work with a team of intake specialists, legal advocates, and social workers, in addition to attorneys. Beyond customary legal services, we offer extensive safety planning and help connecting with health care, financial resources, housing, and counseling.

Focus on Safety

From the moment clients reach out, safety is the utmost priority. Legal advocates perform a lethality assessment; social workers can then provide crisis counseling and safety planning. Providing resources to help victims leave abusive homes, enroll in address confidentiality programs, and other safety-related services bring clients to a place of stability where they are better able to address their legal issues.

Finding Help

Clients are frequently referred from their local District or County Attorney’s Office, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Victim Services, their local court, or crisis centers. Previous TLSC clients, social media, and other word-of-mouth avenues also bring survivors to our organization. If you know a victim of a violent crime or identity theft who requires legal assistance, share TLSC's details.

Crime Victims Legal Services

Monday - Friday | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

844.303.SAFE (7233), Option 2

Learn more about legal services that help victims overcome violence, abuse, and stalking at


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