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TLSC Asks AISD to Honor a Training Commitment

TLSC Client and Austin High Alum, Julia, recounts feeling silenced, ignored, and blamed by AISD after she informed the district of her sexual assault, reports The Austin Chronicle.

After experiencing how ill-equipped AISD was in handling sexual assault, Julia and her mother Karen reached out to TLSC. TLSC has since been working with AISD and Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) to create a comprehensive sexual assault training program for AISD staff.

Facade and parking lot of Austin High School
TLSC Client Julia

But progress stalled with a change in superintendent, leaving current AISD students exposed to the same retraumatization that Julia experienced.

"AISD bungled its response to this over and over again, making Julia's life more difficult, putting students at risk, and proving that whatever it is trying to do to prevent sexual assault and harassment is not working," said TLSC Attorney Wayne Kraus Yang.


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