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The Anatomy of TLSC's Family Helpline

Our identity is rooted in reaching the previously unreachable through innovative delivery methods.

We often associate innovation with online methods of service, like LiveChat or virtual clinics.

However, one TLSC program's innovation lies in its simple mechanics: The Family Helpline. Parents, community members, or anyone with questions about Texas Child Protective Services can call the helpline. When a caller dials the phone number, an experienced child welfare attorney answers the phone. In addition, all callers have the option to remain anonymous.

When making decisions regarding a child who is involved with CPS, being well informed and educated about rights, the law, and the legal process can make a difference in long-term outcomes for families. The Family Helpline's format allows us to provide critical legal information quickly and accurately, and is the only service of its kind throughout the state.


As our service is a legal information and education resource, we do not form attorney-client relationships with our callers and our conversations are not privileged. Therefore, callers can speak with us in a fully anonymous capacity. The issues that we discuss on Family Helpline calls can be very sensitive in nature. Often callers share personal information about themselves with us — including serious topics such as the nature of a parent’s illegal drug use or the status of a violent relationship.

It is valuable to the caller when they can be open about the full extent of their situation. By allowing callers to engage in our service anonymously and without judgment, we provide a safe space to be open and honest so that they can obtain the most accurate and complete legal information possible.

The Need for Fast-Paced Legal Help

When a family is experiencing a child protection issue, they often need information right away. Many families cannot wait more than a short period of time before they are forced to make serious decisions regarding their children. We answer most calls as they come in, but if a caller does have to leave a message, we always return calls within one business day or less.

Who Answers the Phone

Child welfare attorneys — and only child welfare attorneys. Child welfare law is a niche area of the law that has many nuances. To become well versed in child welfare law takes many years of working in the field. Child welfare cases can be complicated and are rarely the same. Families can present multiple dynamics that make each child protection case different. Often a child welfare case will have multiple overlapping legal issues that must be addressed. Tackling a CPS issue with a practitioner who may not be fully versed in child protection law can create unforeseen and potentially catastrophic negative consequences for families.

Every attorney who works on TLSC's Family Helpline is an experienced child welfare attorney. Collectively our attorneys have represented all sides of a child protection litigation case.

Helping the Family Helpline

This is a unique resource for Texas parents, caregivers, and interested community members. We ask that you share our number with anyone who may need it. Our team can also speak to any other community member regarding child protection issues. That means our allies may call us with questions as well.

The Family Helpline

Monday - Friday | 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Learn more about the Family Helpline and all TLSC programs supporting families, parents, and children's' welfare at


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