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Fight for Justice: Meet DeVondolyn

DeVondolyn shares advice for representing yourself and the most rewarding parts of working on

DeVondolyn, a dedicated staff attorney at TLSC, specializes in the Virtual Court Access Project and She stands as a beacon of guidance, offering advice to those navigating the legal system on their own. From crafting resources to offering real-time support through chat services, DeVondolyn embodies the spirit of empowerment and accessibility.

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On what inspired her to work at a nonprofit...

Service has always been important in my life. My family stressed helping others and that has never left me. TLSC is an extension of that commitment to service. Working with TLSC allows me to reach more people on a daily basis.


On her clients on’s legal chat…

Our clients are the people who fall into the access to justice gap. They are everyday people that do not have much discretionary income but need help. It isn’t anyone’s best day when they have to seek legal assistance. Many of these people have not been able to obtain legal help simply due to a lack of resources. Their questions range from very complicated legal concerns to simple needs for information. Sometimes all they need is someone to supply the correct turn of phrase that allows them to research a problem on their own. The chat forum allows us to give people a head start, but we do not have the tools to run the race for them.


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Be tenacious and don’t give up...Just because it can be difficult to represent yourself in court, it does not mean that you cannot prevail or represent yourself well.


On the rewards of being a nonprofit lawyer…

Being a lawyer can be a very difficult thing. You work and toil knowing that people on the other side are working just as hard to undo exactly what you are trying to create. However, when you are able to educate someone on what their options are, or help someone obtain a goal that they thought was lost, and they are appreciative there is nothing better than that. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have left someone in a better position than they were when you met them.

On how to be successful when you must represent yourself in court…

Be tenacious and don’t give up. The legal system can make you feel small. Resources can be hard to come by, but that does not mean that they are not available to you. Just because it can be difficult to represent yourself in court, it does not mean that you cannot prevail or represent yourself well. There are resources and options available to people. I just want to encourage people to keep questioning and pushing for answers. logo is dedicated to providing free, reliable legal information to low-income Texans. The website is part of a national legal aid effort that is using technology to enhance and expand the delivery of legal services. In the last year alone, more than 5 million people visited the site. 


Your donation helps staff members like DeVondolyn bring justice to all Texansnot just those who can afford it. Join DeVondolyn and Texas Legal Services Center by making a gift today.


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