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Fight for Justice: Meet Sally

Sally discusses her legal advocacy work, what motivates her, and her career in victims' services.

Sally is a Legal Advocate in TLSC's Crime Victims Program. She works closely with our clients to gather detailed case information, connect them with community resources, and apply for Crime Victims' Compensation. Sally also supports our clients by accompanying them to court.

On the importance of trauma-informed care

Our clients are often traumatized and frightened. It is imperative that we approach these clients with trauma-informed care and practice patience with them. I'm not sure it's that different than the approach we use in all TLSC programs. Clients facing evictions, veterans, and the elderly are all experiencing their own types of trauma and anxiety. I think TLSC does a great job recognizing this and using care and respect when dealing with our clients.

On the client's journey

Many of our clients are experiencing fear and anxiety. Some are recuperating from physical injuries. Some are in the throes of grief after the death of a loved one. There are clients who are in the early part of their journey, in unfamiliar territory, and there are some who have advanced in their journey. We meet the client where they are.

On what she wants all victims to know

I would tell them that there is help available and that they are not alone.

On her career path coming full circle

I became interested in victim services many years ago. I became a volunteer advocate at a sexual assault crisis center. When there was an opening for a volunteer coordinator/advocate, I was asked if I would consider applying. I did and discovered what would become my passion. I decided to go back to school and get my degree in criminal justice.

My path took many directions. I worked as a juvenile probation officer and enjoyed the position but found myself missing victim services. Then I was introduced to TLSC. I was hired and quickly fell in love with the mission and work. I stayed with TLSC in various positions for about four and a half years.

I found myself wanting to expand my experience, so I accepted a position housing veterans who were experiencing homelessness. It was gratifying and satisfying to work with veterans, but I missed victim services. It was not long before a position in victim services presented itself. I began work as the Victim Services Specialist with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and I was reminded of where my passion lies. I loved working directly with clients and assisting victims. Then I learned that TLSC was seeking to fill the position of Legal Advocate and I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of TLSC again. My career path has come full circle.

On what motivates her

I am motivated by the survivors. If there is a need for services, I want to help fill that need.

On staying balanced

I love what I do. It is heavy at times, but the rewards are great. I maintain my stamina with the help of my team. We work together and help each other stay balanced. I choose to be a positive person with a sunny disposition. It is how I live. I practice self-care each and every day so that I may return and be of the best service possible to our clients.

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