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Pro Bono Opportunity: Texas Free Legal Answers

Help low-income Texans with their simple civil legal issues on

Laptop showing Texas Free Legal Answers

Texas Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal advice portal for low-income Texans to pose legal questions online to volunteer attorneys. It is part of the greater American Bar Association (ABA) Free Legal Answers program and is jointly administered by the State Bar of Texas and Texas Legal Services Center.

For low-income Texans living in more rural areas, Texas Free Legal Answers offers legal assistance in an easy and convenient format. People do not have to take off work or travel long distances to access traditional legal aid – they can simply log in and post their questions.

Submissions must be about civil legal issues. Many questions (40%) regard family law, but housing, homelessness, and consumer questions make up a significant portion as well. In 2021, pro bono attorneys answered more than 2,500 on Texas Free Legal Answers.

Pro Bono Opportunity

The convenience isn’t just for the user, but for the pro bono attorney, too. Attorneys can log in remotely and provide answers 24/7/365 according to their schedule and from the comfort of their home or office. Texas Free Legal Answers is a great option for lawyers with limited time to volunteer. Any attorney licensed in Texas and in good standing can provide pro bono services through this program.

How To Get Started

Interested in volunteering? Navigate to and select 'Attorney Registration' in the top-most menu.

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