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A Year of Impact:
In Pursuit of Equal Justice for All Texans

Our mission is to ensure equal justice for all Texans by educating, empowering, and representing vulnerable people while reshaping the greater legal system that impacts us all.
With the support of grantors, volunteers and donors, we continue to empower Texans by:

Breaking Language Barriers

Advocating for the thousands of Texans with limited English proficiency to have full access to the justice system.

Our Impact Litigation team filed a complaint against Harris County for its refusal to provide interpreters and translations for people who have limited English proficiency. This could lead to thousands of Texans receiving the full rights entitled to them under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Translating over 1 million words on into Spanish and Vietnamese. is a crucial resource for millions of Texans and provides free, trustworthy legal information to those who cannot afford an attorney.


This is the single best resource for legal help for people that cannot afford an attorney.

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Broadening Our Reach to Offer More Legal Assistance

This year we launched:

A Public
Health Initiative

to understand the needs of Black female survivors of sexual violence

The findings will result in a community mobilization guide to implement new approaches for providing services and support to survivors from marginalized communities.

25 Virtual Court Kiosks

around the state

A New
Medical-Legal Partnership

with CommUnity Care Southeast Health & Wellness Center

Through our Medical-Legal partnerships, a TLSC attorney provides assistance on-site to address health-harming legal needs.

A New Project at
Family Helpline 

to help stabilize families affected by CPS

This new project will support caregivers by drafting legal documents and providing legal advice. 

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Restoring Hope and Dignity to a Couple Facing Eviction

Empowering Texans Statewide and Beyond

Highlights from the past year:

legal questions answered
on Texas Free Legal Answers.

callers served on our Family Helpline,  about 400 more compared to last year.


legal clinics for veterans where TLSC attorneys from our Veterans Legal Assistance Project provided free legal advice.


in pension recovery by South Central Pension Rights ProjectThe project has recovered over $30 million since it began. 


clients were provided full representation for protective orders by our Crime Victims team. Protective orders were granted in 78% of these cases.


instances where our attorneys gave Texas parents legal advice on the Parenting Order Legal Line (POLL)


survivors were provided assistance through the legal process by our Crime Victims team.

Civil legal aid is the cornerstone of a fair and just legal system.

Together, we can work towards a future where everyone has equal access to justice. 
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